Look At Me!
It is better to be big or small, striped or spotted, with fins or wings? Wacky animals with googly eyes invite readers to celebrate their special qualities and differences.
Retail Price: Dh 25

ABC - Animal Alphabet
Learning your ABC can be lots of fun! Turn the pages and enjoy the colourfully illustrated animal stories - one for every letter of the alphabet. An ideal book for parents and children to enjoy together.
Retail Price: Dh 42

The Seaside
There is plenty to talk about, spot and count in each of the detailed pictures in this bright and lively book. There's also a little yellow duck and something really out of place to find in every scene.
Retail Price: Dh 34

Count And Read.
Have fun reading these large print stories about numbers. Each story is made of many short rhymes which will make learning more fun!

Retail Price: Dh 36

Jungle Friends
Come and join your new friends down in the jungle. Pull and slide the tabs and turn the wheels to bring the pages to life. There's so much excitement to have in this fun and colourfully illustrated children's activity book.
Retail Price: Dh 48

Have fun learning the concept of opposites with this colourful flap book.
Retail Price: Dh 34

Kiss Kiss
A sweet story of a huggable Hippo who one day on his way to school forgets to give his mama a goodbye kiss.
Retail Price: Dh 33

The Eye Book - Dr Seuss
In this charming book, Dr Seuss introduces the youngest children to the concept of sight and seeing, looking at the range familiar , everyday things from colours and cutlery to socks and underpants.
Retail Price: Dh 38

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