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Barney Goes To The School
Now catch their favorite cartoon character in a book. This book is intended to help children discover the many fun experiments to be held at school.
Retail Price:- Dh 10

Muddle Jungle
10 Magnetic animals , 4 different jungle scenes, there is plenty of fun for everyone.
Retail Price:- Dh 75

Kiss Kiss 

A story of a lovable and affectionate Hippo who one day forgets to give his mom a good bye kiss.

Retail Price:- Dh 32

Flip Flap Number Book 

Have fun learning numbers with this colorful counting book.

Retail Price:- Dh 26

Who's Hiding 

This  playful picture book  offers young readers a bit of a mental workout disguised as fun that'll keep them guessing. Designed to tap memory and observation skills.

Retail Price:- Dh 70

Hide And Seek - ABC

With lively rhymes and beautiful illustrations, this book encourages interaction between parent and child while learning alphabets.

Retail Price:- Dh 59

My Magic Drawing Book 

From cats to Cars, horses to houses, children can learn how to draw. Draw whatever you like, wipe and start all over again.

Retail Price:- Dh 48

The Big Bear Book  

Read your favorite rhymes along with this loving big bear.

Retail Price:- Dh 40

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