Monkey Goes Fishing 

What happens when a monkey decides to go fishing? Whom does he take with him for fishing? Was he able to catch a fish? Find out this and more in this funny story.

Retail Price:- Dh 30

Danny The digger 

In this colorfully illustrated story book,Danny the digger meets a dumper truck,a breaks down lorry and many other mechanical friends as they go about their days' work.All the characters are brought to life by pop up pictures and pull tabs.

Retail Price:- Dh 16

Fun To Find Counting. 

Begin counting with this fun counting book. The book has different colorful picture scenes such as the beach, the kitchen etc.

Retail Price:- Dh 25

Look At Me!

Is it better to be big or small, stripped or spotted with fins or wings? wacky animals with funny googly eyes invite readers to celebrate their special qualities and differences.

Retail Price:- Dh 25

Why Why Why are sharks so scary? 

Take a look inside the pages of this picture  book and discover the answers to loads of interesting questions about sharks.You will find fantastic pictures to help explain things more, cartoons to make you giggle etc.

Retail Price:- Dh 15

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Ladybird
Touching each object as they count is the best way for young children to learn about numbers. The familiar rhymes and patterns will help children with skills they need for early reading and writing.
Retail Price: Dh 35


An amazing series of books specially created for children that challenges their inquisitive mind and their thirst to know more and more about the world around them.

Retail Price:- Dh 15

ABC Animal Alphabet

Learning your ABC can be lots of fun! Turn the pages and enjoy the colourfully illustrated animal stories  - one for every letter of the alphabet.

Retail Price:- Dh 20

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