Four Forest Friends 

The deer , the crow, the rat and the old tortoise live together and play together. But when danger strikes one of them, they show what good friends they really are.

Retail Price:- Dh 25

Sesame Street 

Elmo and Ernie take a trip through the alphabet by introducing animals , one for each of the 26 letters.

Retail Price:- Dh 38

Atlas Of Countries
Introduces young children to the continents of the world, their countries, different climate, rivers and mountains.

Retail Price: Dh 30

My First Fairy Story 

A fun and sparkly fairy story full of Princes and Princesses. The enchanting illustrations provide a wonderful early learning opportunity which encourages your child a series of first words.

Retail Price:- Dh 22

Dr Seuss - One Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Read this magical book that blends words and pictures that encourages children - all by themselves.
Retail Price: Dh 45

Large Print Fairy Tales
Enjoy  the classic fairy tales with this large print picture fairy tales.
Retail Price: Dh 34

One Tricky Monkey On Top,
A hilarious story of a little monkey and his naughty tricks.
Retail Price: Dh 30

Large Print Nursery Rhymes
Enjoy classic nursery rhymes with this large print picture rhymes book.
Retail Price: Dh 34

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