This is Jane, Jim
Jim's got a new sister and he doesn't think she's at all lovely. No one has time to cook Jim's favorite eggy or read and Jim is very crossed indeed. Until one night when he is the only one who hears little Jane crying.
Retail Price: Dh 35

Catch the animals by the tails... This beautiful touch and feel book is great visual book to know the animals by their tails.  Tails that wag via pull tabs, fold out pages, peacock feathers and many more things.
Retail Price: Dh 75

Disney Storybook Collection
This treasury is packed full of great characters from classic Disney films such as Peter Pan, Aladdin and The Jungle Book. Its the perfect way for young readers to revisit their favorite Disney tales.
Retail Price: Dh 45

Three Minute Tales - Bears
Meet an endearing cast of characters in this collection of simple stories, each one just the right length for leading aloud when bed time beckons.
Retail Price: Dh 16

Bubble Owns Up
Bubble's first storybook present an exciting way for parents to discuss good behavior with their children. Each story features Bubble in an everyday adventure told in a simple language and appealing illustrations.
Retail Price: Dh 10

Green Eggs and Ham
Read this magical book that blends words and pictures that encourage children - all by themselves.
Retail Price: Dh 30

Fie Little Ladybugs
Young ones will love learning to count backwards as they watch five touchable ladybugs disappear one by one, with the turn of each page.
Retail Price: Dh 15

Shrek The Third
Shrek is next to be king of Far Far Away, but he doesn't want the job. Since the only way to avoid the throne is to find Fiona's cousin, Shrek sets out on a quest. As you read, look at 40 movie images in the viewer and enjoy three surprising Shrek sounds.
Retail Price: Dh 45

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