Tiger - Squeak Toy Book
Little ones will hear a squeak when they push the animal in this interactive board book.
Retail Price: Dh 20

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Ladybird
Touching each object as they count is the best way for young children to learn about numbers. The familiar rhymes and patterns will help children with skills they need for early reading and writing.
Retail Price: Dh 35

Who Is Hiding In My House?
The tough board book introduces the concept of farm animals; young ones, sounds and dwellings in an interactive and play way method. The use of sliding device to hide answers encourages the curious young minds to join the learning process pro actively.
Retail Price: Dh 25

Look At Me !
It is better to be big or small, striped or spotted, with fins or wings? Wacky animals with googly eyes invite readers to celebrate their special qualities and differences.
Retail Price: Dh 25

What am I? Pets!
Everyone enjoys a surprise and that is exactly what you will find on the pages of these wonderful lift the flap books.
Retail Price: Dh 20

Tiny Love !
This book has 5 colorful double pages with different features on each. It helps fine motor skills, imagination and lots more.
Retail Price: Dh 75

At The Zoo
Cute pictures, rhyming text and touch and feel textures make this book perfect for young brights babies.
Retail Price: Dh 28

This is not my puppy...
This delightful new series of board book is aimed at very young children. The colorful pictures, with patches of different textures are designed to develop sensory and language awareness.
Retail Price: Dh 35

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