What is 'Toys On Rent' and whom is it meant for?
Toys On Rent is a toy library and has toys, book and CDs meant exclusively for children from 6 months to 5 years old.

Is 'Toys On Rent' a registered company?
Yes, 'Toys On Rent' is a Dubai registered company.

How does 'Toys On Rent' work?
We have the following three membership plans :-
Plan A: Choose any 3 toys for 15 days- Dh 175
Plan B: Choose any 6 toys (3 toys every 15 days) - Dh 225 ( Dh 250 from 1st Oct 2012)

Plan C: Choose any 5 toys, 2 books and 2 CDs  (3 toys , 1 book & 1 CD every 15 days)  - Dh 225 ( Dh 250 from 1st Oct 2012)

Are all toys delivered at once? How much is the rental period for each toy?

No, we do not deliver all the toys together. If a member chooses Plan B ( 6 toys), then we shall first deliver 3 toys to be kept and played with for 15 days. After 15 days, we visit again to deliver the remaining 3 toys for the remaining 15 days. This way children get to play with 6 different toys in a month, with each toy having a rental period of 15 days. We deliver twice so as to avoid clutter at the member's house and to encourage children to explore every toy to the maximum. Only in Plan A, we deliver the 2 toys together.

Is there a deposit?
No, there is no deposit to be paid.

What about delivery and pick up of toys?

Free. Yes delivery and pick up of toys is free in most parts of Dubai and Sharjah.

How do i pay for my membership?

We accept only cash to be paid upon delivery of toys.

How is the rental period calculated?

The 15 day rental period starts on the day of the delivery and ends at the end of 2 weeks.


What if some toys ordered are not available?

Every effort is made to deliver the toys as requested by our members.  But when the requested toys are not available, they been in circulation, we request members to provide us an alternate toy option. There would be a delay in delivery in order to provide the toy combination as requested by our members.

What if the toy on rent is lost or damaged? Why are the retail prices of the toys mentioned?

Reasonable wear and tear (i.e minor scratches) is acceptable when the toys are returned. However, should a toy part be lost / damaged  we shall apply the following policy depending upon the case:

Category A:

Incase any part of the toy which is lost can be easily replaced and toy can be further rented, we do not charge the client at all . For example, in case of a ball house, if upto 5 balls are missing, no charges are levied as these are easily replaceable.
Category B:
Incase any part of the toy which is lost can be repaired/ replaced, we charge a damage fees of Dh 100. For example, a horn of electric bike can be repaired/ replaced.
Category C:
Incase any part of the toy which is lost cannot be replaced and because of which it cannot be rented further due to safety issues, or because the toy does not form a complete set, complete retail price of the toy as mentioned on our website is charged and the damaged toy is handed over to the member.

How are the toys cleaned?

The toys are first cleaned using a strong disinfectant followed by steam sterilization. However, if any member finds the toys not in a condition for their little ones to play, we could certainly return the membership fees without any questions asked. However it is must that the members highlight this within first 4 hours after delivery.

Do you also provide toys for birthday parties?
Yes, we do take birthday party orders. Please visit our Party Page to know more.

How do we use gift vouchers?
 We have gift vouchers of different denominations. To know more, please visit our  Gift Voucher Page.


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