Now your kids wont just listen to stories, they will see them come alive!
Presenting another unique service from Toys On Rent - Rent A Story Teller.

Book a story teller with us and she will visit your kids at your home dressed in one of favourite story characters to recite their favourite stories. Watch your kids getting amazed as Cinderella, Snow White , Peter Pan, Pinocchio and their stories come alive with beautiful songs and dances, props and real toys. Now can learning get more fun than this?

Rent A Story Teller Service can be booked for birthday parties, play dates or other children events. So book a Cinderella today!



1. Rabbit And The Turtle
2. Monkey And The Cap Seller
3. Little Red Riding Hood
4. Goldilocks And Three Bear
5. Incy Wincy Spider
6. Barney - A Day Out
7. Sleeping Beauty
8. Cinderella

9. Hansel And Gratel
10. Peter Pan
11. The Little Mermaid
12. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
13. Pinocchio
14. Thumbelina
15  Dora's Day Out
16. Toy Story


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