Welcome to Toys On Rent - UAE's first online children's toy library professionally run by a mummy!

As mummies, we know that children learn through play. Often we purchase a toy, only to find that within few weeks the child is bored with it. Some of us respond to that by purchasing some more toys, soon to find out that we now have a room full of toys that are no longer of interest to the child.

'Toys On Rent' provides answers to these dilemmas! 'Toys On Rent' allows you to take on rent top quality toys, interactive games, educational puzzles, books and CDs for children from the age group of 6 months to 5 years.

These toys are from leading brands and help in developing problem solving skills, motor skills, train attention span and encourage physical development.

So come, join in for more fun and more learning for your little ones!

Choose from over 500 toys including activity tables, educational puzzles, cars, bikes,  books and CDs

Flexible monthly plans with rental as lows as Dh 25 per toy for a period of 15 days.

All toys are thoroughly cleaned and are steam sterilized.

Free delivery and pick up of toys in most parts of Dubai and Sharjah.
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