Firstly I appreciate the concept of a 'Toy Library' since I think its very much reasonable to rent toys instead of purchasing a new one each week. Neil loves the toys! He rocks himself on the fish and plays with the toy train set. He enjoys the strider at the park too.I also think that sterilizing each toy is a great idea! I believe in hygiene and its good to know that as a mother you have considered that as well. On the whole, a excellent job! Keep it up.
Chaya Karira, Mother of 3 years old Neil

I must say your customer service is top notch! I am very happy with both your products and service. Cameron loves his new toys. They came clean and in good working order. You've saved me a ton of money because I didn't have to go out and buy new toys for the week, which is what I would have done had I not had you. I will highly recommend your company and look forward to calling upon you again when we come to visit.
Nadine, Mother of 7 months old Cameron.

I loved your concept of Toys On Rent. My daughter loves your toys, especially the CDs as she loves watching cartoons.  I don't have to worry about her getting bored anymore. Thanks to your puzzles and brain whacking toys, she is busy all day.  Also she loves opening the toy box which is well wrapped...always amazed to see what she has got...keep up the good work.
Fatima Dhambola, Mother of 4 year old Shaheen

Ananya has taken to the toys very dearly. She spends a lot of time on the kitchen set. For the past  4 days, she has her morning tea in those tea cups. She also loves those colorful spoons and veggys items. She sits and watches TV from inside the tent and jumps a lot in it. Remains to be seen how she will let go of these things. Thanks for these toys.
Sandeep Nair, Father of 4 years old Ananya

I want to thank you for giving my children the opportunity to enjoy the variety of toys selection. I find this a brilliant initiative. The service that i was offered was really good and the lady in charge, Sumegha is really lovely. Looking forward for the next set of toys. Thank you for your good work.
Oriana, Mother of 4 years old Saif and 2 years old Sophiya

Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful service. Oliver is enjoying the trampoline and the vacuum cleaner which arrived clean with charged batteries, ready to go. However, i understand that there was no change available  when my nanny wanted to pay, which would be my only suggestion for improvement.
Anita Allen, Mother of 22 months old Oliver

Let me tell you that the concept of a toy library is fantastic. Initially i was extremely worried that my two little brats will definitely damage the toys and hence was wary about the taking the membership. But good i took the membership. Its been 3 months and till date there has been no breakage which i think is because the toys are of  very good brands. I thank you for providing parents a more practical option rather than spending on toys.
Kavita Mishra, Mother of 3 years Ayesha and 2 years Kabir

My 2 years son loved the Bounce and Spin Zebra. He would be on it for the entire day and yet not get tired of it. Thanks to you, we discovered a great entertaining toy. We definitely want to now buy it so that he is entertained all the time.
Seema Vasudevan, Mother of 2 years Rishabh

Thank you for sending in such wonderful toys. My children had a blast playing with them. You are a warm and friendly person to deal with. The great part is that the toys were dropped and picked up at my doorstep. It just made things very easy for me.
Poonam Hiranandani, Mother of 2 years Rishon and 4 years old Fana

Congratulation for such a marvelous concept. We found the services of Toys On Rent extremely satisfying. What we loved is that we could get variety of toys for our daughter, always in clean condition and delivered to our door step! What else could we ask for? My daughter now eagerly waits for her surprise box every 15 days.
Catherine, Mother of 3 years old Michelle

Both my children were thrilled to have new toys every fortnight.  The variety of toys is great and so is the service. I will certainly be renting again!
Sarita, Mother of 5 years old Divij and 2 years old Deshna

The Jumping Castle and Trampoline were a great hit.  Mustafa invited all his friends and they had a blast ! Please do keep adding such toys so that our kids are engaged and entertained all the time.
Alifiya, mother of 5 year old Mustafa

I found the toy and the book collection of your library extremely good. It has everything we want and wish our children would play with. Also the educational puzzles are great. The beginners pattern puzzle  was a great help in teaching my son his shapes and colours.
Tasneem, Mother of 2 years old Rizwan

I am a member of the toy library since the past 3 months and it is the best thing that has happened to me and my kids. They wait for you every  15 days and enjoy playing with all kinds of educational and fun filled toys. They take care of the toys like their own and look forward for new toys and books.
Mafaz, Mother of 4 years old Fatima and 2 year old Taha

 My 9 month baby thoroughly enjoyed the saucer. Before, my baby would follow me to all the places and just would not leave me. Once i put her in the colorful saucer,she was busy with it. She even loved all your musical toys.
Naseem, Mother of 9 month old Arwa

We are extremely happy to a member of  the Toy library. We were very surprised when we received the delivery of toys and books for the first time for our 4 year old daughter, Sara. The way the toys were packed and had all the required information, and the way the each toy was labeled,all was very impressive and professional. We would suggest that you add more educational puzzles to your collection. We would love to continue to be a member in the future also.
Varun and Priya, Parents of 4 years old Sara

I absolutely loved the concept of Toys On Rent.  Completely original. Actually as a parent we all know that we buy expensive toys and they are played with for a very short period of time. Toys On Rent allowed me to fulfill my daughter's desires without me having to shell out a huge amount on the same toys. One more quality i found growing in my child was the concept of respect and care of the toys as it needed to be returned. I was also impressed with the upkeep of the toy and also the neat and clean packaging provided. Apart from this, i didn't even need to move out of my home and i had good quality toys delivered at my doorstep. Sumegha is absolutely professional and i never went through broken toys or problem in deliveries. Sumegha is so warm and friendly and i am glad that she is a good friend of mine now. All the best for the future!
Rehmat Adenwala, Mother of 4 years old Mehak

I am Priya, a proud member of Toys On Rent and a mother of a 31/2 and half year old boy. Earlier i used to spend almost Dh 500 every month on toys and still had to say no to my child for more toys. But now he can play with a variety of toys for which i have to pay very less. Now that is like - PAY LESS & GET MORE. These days i am not scared to go to a toy shop along with my son as he no longer insists on new toys as he has had already played with those toys coming from the library.
Priya, Mother of 3 1/2 years old Vedant

Every parent in this world wants their kids to have the best of everything, be it  dress, toy or education...but can all parents afford this? The best of all these... may not be possible. When it comes to toys, yes they are very very expensive. Our kid used to play with a toy for few days and then discard it. And then we got to know about  your concept of Toys On Rent and became a member for a nominal fee. The toys we got were branded and some of the best available. Now with this concept our little one has ample choice to play with. These toys also suit our child's growth and help him in learning.   The whole show is managed so professionally that we don't have to worry about the cleanliness of the toys or the quality and had them timely delivered at our doorstep. Thanks to this brilliant idea initiated by you. We wish you all the luck!
Sumegha Aunty...when r u getting my new toys. I am waiting - Dhruv
Vidya and Dinoop, Parents of 2 years old Dhruv.


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